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So … I did a thing. A BIG thing. And since it’s my (well, our) podcast, I’m allowed to make Kristen interview me about the big thing I’ve done. 😉

Back in January, when Kristen and I were trying out (and massively resisting) The Artist’s Way, an idea fell nearly fully formed into my lap:

I want to create my own podcast about my ridiculously long, weird, confusing, painstaking journey through singledom. I knew immediately how I wanted it to sound, what stories I wanted to tell, what the art could look like, what the chapters would be called … I just needed to sit down and actually make it.

The idea was so potent that it wouldn’t let me sleep, for nights in a row, until I started writing it all down — it poured out, almost faster than I could keep up with. 

I’ve been working on it in fits and bursts ever since, and next Wednesday, August 18 — my birthday, as a matter of fact — I’m dropping the first episode of my new miniseries, Forever Alone: One introverted millennial’s half-agonizing, half-hopeful journey through singledom.

Kristen got to treat me like a “normal person” this month, so listen in as she and I talk about…

Leave a comment below after you’ve listened to share how this one resonated with you, or just share some excitement about this new chapter in my journey! ☺

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  1. I enjoyed the discussion on how timing affects what you write/tell – specifically, how close you are to what happened, is it something you’re still processing or have you already processed it. Also, the discussion about not yet having a happy ending. I’m a big proponent of not waiting to write something because you never know what you might discover in writing it. Hell, even if you write about something while still being “in it,” for the sake of catharsis or as a way to process it, it’s great because you can come back to it later and see how you may have grown from it. In my life, I’m often thinking about whether what I’m experiencing could be spun into a story. Although I’ve only had one real story up to this point, I think there is value in voicing my thoughts on one thing or another in mini-creative things like posts on social media (which are sometimes like blog posts). I guess what I mean to say is that if people were to wait to write something until they got their happy ending, there’d be very little creativity in the world. I know I’d appreciate hearing a story that wasn’t wrapped up in a bow, like you said. It sometimes even frustrates me when things do get published that are wrapped in a bow because I think they’re gonna be so predictable, lol.
    Anyway, I’m excited for your podcast!

    1. I’m so glad you agree, Marianne! And my thoughts exactly … if we wait until there’s a pretty little ending, there’d be a huge void of creativity in the world!

  2. I love this podcast already, pretty much loved it from the first two notes of music in the intro. I want to reread all my Jane Austen now and go back to school for a Master’s degree. Can I just be a professional student and not worry about men or debts? 😉

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