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Have you noticed that surfers tend to have nice abs even though they’re not trying to? They’re just out there doing what they love, and abs are the happy byproduct.

Meanwhile, you might be in the gym, cursing your ab-less torso on what feels like your millionth rep of sit-ups.

When you boil it down, there are always two approaches to getting what you want: Head-on, or sideways. The head-on approach is how most of us naturally assume success and achievement work. It’s direct and rooted in cause and effect. “I do this, I get that.”

In today’s brand-new Side Chat, we’re talking about the sideways approach to getting what you want. It’s counterintuitive (or maybe just purely intuitive) and indirect. We got into…

We’d love to hear what you’re going to come at sideways, starting now. Come share in the comments!


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