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It’s time for another “Magic 8-Ball” episode! AKA, where we shake up the nearly 200 episodes we’ve released in the past two years, and the one that rises to the surface has a message that you needed to hear today.

Today’s episode is a side chat from September 2018 about the grief of transitions. It’s one of my (Rachel’s) favorite episodes we’ve ever done, and very relevant to what we’re all experiencing right now. Here’s what I said when we first published this one: 

Hello from the other side … of 30.

It’s been a month since I left my 20s, and I’m (Rachel) honestly still processing this milestone. I didn’t expect it to bring up so much grief — anger, frustration, sadness, and waves of anxiety and depression.

And while I’ve been riding those waves, it’s become obvious that a lot of people around me are also battling that same current, just for different reasons.

So, this mutual experience got me thinking about big life transitions. What do they have in common? How do we ride them out? Why are they so emotional?

In this Side Chat, we’re talking about:

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  1. This side chat is so much more relevant for me this time than it was the first time. As Rachel knows, I got everything I wanted and proceeded to be depressed for the following 8 months lol. No clue why and it bothered me beyond comprehension that I was so bummed when I should have been so happy. Having Rachel help me understand the grief that comes with transition has been a game-changer. It’s helped me see the real purpose behind this most recent transition, and help me prepare for the next one that is on the horizon. I know that I have one coming- don’t know what it’s going to entail or what it will look like, but it’s there waiting. It’s not easy, but it’s exciting and I am 100% positive it will be transforming in a way I haven’t experienced yet. I’m looking forward to it. Knowing this and being open to it now will make all the difference. Thank you!

    1. I love this perspective, Natalie, thank you for sharing! I think not understanding why we feel how we feel makes everything so much worse, because then we dig for answers. When we get that “oh, this is just a normal part of a transition,” we don’t have to drive ourselves nuts analyzing it! Which is a big relief.

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