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We’ve had a lot of fun these past few months, as we’ve all been stuck in quarantine, whipping out one of our woo-woo oracle decks and giving you all a message from the Universe. We hope that it’s helped you stay a little bit more grounded and trusting in a time of heightened anxiety!

This will be our last regular Message from the Universe episode for a while, but don’t despair. We’ll still do them every once in a while, at random, maybe when you least expect it but most need it.

To honor this last (for now) episode, we ordered a brand-spanking-new Tarot deck. Like usual, we pulled 3 cards and one of them (or maybe all of them) has a message for you today. 

Here are the cards we pulled for you, along with their descriptions:

Ace of Wands:

Something essential is burning within you, and longs to be unleashed on the world when you pull the Ace of Wands from the deck.

Appearing from a cloud is a godly hand, offering you a Wand, one still growing and blossoming. It hovers over a lush, windy landscape, and a white castle gleams in the distance — indicating movement, promise and inspiration.

A primal, creative impulse deserves your attention and cultivation — have you been meaning to write, paint or speak your piece? This passion of yours is not something that can be learned or honed in school, or assembled from the knowledge in books. This energy is only yours — only you can stoke your fire and set it free.

Wands represent our inner fire — our spirit, will and creativity. You have something that must be offered to the world. This is the spark that could start a wildfire, but only if you build it up, give it air. Have you been considering leaving the doldrums of your work-a-day job to start your own business or create something of your own? Follow that instinct. Most importantly, follow your passion.

This pure and potent card augurs great potential for expansion, but remember, the Aces are like seeds. They have everything within them to create life, but they must be nurtured and fed if they’re to come to fruition. Follow your instincts and welcome the breakthrough. If you’ve been waiting for a sign from the Universe, this is it. Go for it!

Three of Cups:

It’s time to raise your glass in celebration with dear friends when the Three of Cups turns up in the Tarot deck.

Three young women dance together merrily, flowers springing at their feet, holding golden cups high above their heads. They are a blonde, a brunette and a redhead, symbolizing their diverse talents and origins — their differences only complement and strengthen one another.

There is no “main” figure in the card — working (or dancing) together, these women create the idealized three-part harmony. Each wears a laurel, symbolic of purity, protection and victory. Beauty, joy and success are all forecast when we pull the Three of Cups — it’s an ideal time to get together with your closest loved ones to enjoy each others’ company, or to put your collective power behind a creative venture.

Cups represent the realm of emotions and spirituality — you have something magnificent to offer, and by sharing this ebullient magic with others, you will only increase it. Friendships are the current key to your joyful success.

This card is often indicative of raising literal glasses, so you may be getting together with friends and loved ones for drinks, to toast your relationship, or your group accomplishments. Happy social outings, compassionate resolutions, sympathy and harmony are all forecast. Raise your glass to others, and to yourself. Share this wealth of good fortune to enjoy its highest reward.

King of Wands:

King of Wands: Are you taking the lead in a creative venture? Do you have a long-range vision of an inspirational or entrepreneurial endeavor? When you step into your fiery, creative and visionary power, and manifest your ideas in the material world, you are charged by the energy of the King of Wands.

In the classic Rider Waite image, a red-headed King sits in profile, his gaze intent on some unseen action on the horizon. He’s dressed finely, even ostentatiously, in his flame-tipped crown and red-and-gold garb.

His throne and cape are decorated with the noble lion and the salamander, the mystical fire elemental who eats his own tail, symbolizing the eternal creative cycle that pervades everything that is. Another salamander sits at his feet, symbolizing his mastery over the creative, the regenerative, and the resilient. In his left hand, he holds a tall, blooming Wand.

Wands are symbolic of the fire element – the realm of creativity, willpower and energy. The King of Wands does not merely have great ideas – though he does have plenty – he also knows how to manifest them in the material world. The King has moved all the way from the Ace of inspiration to the expansion and mastery of his original intent.

Whether he is writing, acting, painting, singing, coding or running his own business, the King of Wands lives and breathes his vision. He is also a charismatic leader, so recruiting devoted partners, helpers or followers is his specialty, as is facilitating their success.

When the King of Wands appears, it’s a call to use your vision and charisma to take charge of your personal realm. Be fearless in bringing your ideas into the world for others to examine and enjoy. Live life intentionally. What you create, creates you.

After you listen, leave a comment below to share how the message landed with you.


Today’s card descriptions were written by the fabulous Madeleine Joan! Madeleine is a Tarot card reader, intuitive, and astrologist with well over 20 years of experience. We recommend that you:

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