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A few months ago, my client MaryBeth started our session with, “You’re never going to believe what I just did.”

She began the call feeling utterly embarrassed, but by the end of the conversation was starting to see how the “embarrassing” thing she’d done might actually be exactly the right next step.

When you’re so committed to your plan — for your career, your relationship, or your life in general — like MaryBeth was in that moment, it can blind you to other, potentially even better paths.

In this month’s interview with a normal person, Kristen and MaryBeth talk about how to flow with the twists and turns life will inevitably throw you, including…

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MaryBeth is a thinker and a lover. She enjoys sharing and synthesizing ideas, critical thinking, and voracious learning, but she finds the most meaning in exploring the human condition, fostering human connection, and helping ease human suffering.

As a practicing clinical neuropsychologist, MaryBeth’s professional life has been dedicated to diagnosing and treating individuals with various disorders and diseases that affect brain function. In recent years, she has become increasingly interested in combining research from neuroscience and positive psychology in order to understand how “normal” people (i.e., any of us) can apply what we know about human brain function to improve and enhance ourselves and our lives.

A self-described, recovering “anxious achiever” (Enneagram type 6/3), MaryBeth is eternally grateful for what coaching and mindfulness practice have brought to her life. Learning to hear and trust her intuition, as well as learning to be still and present – rather than constantly anticipating and planning for the next hurdle – are some of the benefits she has experienced, and she is beyond excited to continue her journey, and help support others’ journeys as well!

You can connect with MaryBeth by reading her blog or dropping her a line at


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  1. Loved this episode. I can’t explain how much this hit home for me. I am also a firestarter and want to ultimately do my own thing but getting there is a journey. How I get there is bothering me and I feel I’ve been holding on too tightly. I loved the bit about how changing directions is not shameful and taking the pressure off of the plan was helpful. I’m working on this myself and it was validating to hear someone else voice this.

    1. So glad this was validating, Terece! I can totally see how you related to MaryBeth’s story. 🙂 There’s definitely no shame in changing directions (or even considering it!). There are so many paths to get to where you want to be. I think we all need that reminder sometimes!

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