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Imagine a dude pumping iron, except he only ever works out one arm. He’s basically a circus attraction with his one giant bicep on the right and a puny, atrophied bicep on the left.

Well, this freak is all of us. Except the over-developed right arm is your logic/fear muscle, and the atrophied left arm is your feelings/intuition muscle.

Most of us want to start working out that sad, deflated left arm, because we really want to let go, trust our intuition, and make decisions from a place of deeper knowing, but we have no idea how to do it. And that’s exactly what we’re talking about in this month’s new side chat!

We got into:

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  1. Hi Ladies! Just wanted to share an experience I had about a month after I finished the PPVE this past March (was a great personal growth experience for me, by the way!). I was driving on the highway that morning listening to a podcast about transitions in life and not losing faith in the tough times. The speaker repeated the words “in transit”, referring to the right blessings that were on their way, multiple times during the 30 minute talk. As the podcast was ending and I inched closer to a white van in the lane next to me, I looked over to see “IN TRANSIT” printed in big letters on back of the van. I think I read it 4 times to make sure I was really seeing what I thought I was! Very literal message 🙂 and a powerful experience that helped me to get out of my own head and be more open to trusting a higher power.

    1. I love that!! You can’t ask for a more obvious sign from your intuition than that. 🙂 I love hearing stories of synchronicities like that. Thanks for sharing!

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