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Rachel and I often encourage our clients to do informational interviews when they’re trying to discern whether a certain career path will be a good fit for them. Why? Because nothing quite beats hearing real people’s stories and getting honest feedback about the all questions you have (but maybe feel weird asking in a real interview).

Usually when I suggest this, though, my clients feel super resistant to the idea. And I get why — it’s incredibly vulnerable to reach out to strangers and ask for help, guidance, feedback, or mentorship.

Elise Austen felt just as resistant about trying informational interviews, but once she committed to it, she got better results than she could have hoped for. Not only did get she lots of clarity on what career track she wanted, but she ended up with some great friends and mentors who have gone above and beyond to support her.

How did she do it?? That’s what I’m here to ask her in this week’s interview with a normal person. We got into…

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Elise Austen is currently an assistant based in Chicago, navigating her 30s and trying to find the next step in her career. Three months ago, she decided to jump into the unknown by booking a one-way flight to Europe … but, she had to change course when the world threw her a curveball. Now, she’s using this forced pause to reevaluate her choices and get more intentional.


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    1. Hi Marianne! Let us ask her. Elise is actually a pseudonym, so it’s no wonder you can’t find her on LinkedIn. 😉 If she says yes, we can send you a personal email intro. 🙂

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