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Need a little clarity, guidance, or just a fun pick-me-up?

Then today’s your day, because we’re back (for the third month in a row, lucky you!) with another Message from the Universe episode. ✨🔮

As usual, we pulled a few cards from The Enchanted Map deck by Colette Baron-Reid. One or all has a message for you — come find out what it is! 

Today’s message was SO interesting and on-point, if we do say so ourselves. 👀

Check out the cards and written descriptions here:

Coming Apart
“Now is the time to take separate paths.”

The Coming Apart card is a sign to put an end to what is no longer working for you. Has a commitment been broken? Perhaps you need to break a promise, or change course because you took on more than you could handle. This is a perfect time to reassess your goals and values. Are your actions in alignment with what you believe in? Have you created a partnership that is not mutually beneficial? Separation, dissolution, and dispersion are all in focus now. If someone wishes to break away from you, don’t chase the relationship out of a sense of fear. The price you’ll pay will not be worth the prize. Separation brings good fortune.

Magical Map Shifter
“Spirit orchestrates everyone’s destiny.”

When the Magical Map Shifter card arrives, it comes with a mission––to make you aware of the people who come into your life to impact your personal growth. Perhaps you may meet a soul mate whose presence invites you to be the best “you” that you can be, or someone who leads you out of difficulty and into a place of safety or success.
Pay attention to those individuals who cross your path today and cause you to reflect on your journey. Be awake and aware, and you’ll recognize them for the important change agents they are. Your whole perspective about who you are and why you’re here will shift. The Magic Map Shifter always initiates you into a better version of yourself.

Unexpected Visitors
“If you expect the unexpected, you’ll be prepared for miracles.”

Detours, surprises, and paradigm shifts … expect the unexpected. No matter how detailed your plans are, and how clear you believe the road ahead to be, there are times when the best plans are waylaid by unforeseen circumstances. At first, detours may seem inconvenient, but a surprise turn of events signals that the adventure of life is beginning to get interesting. No one can plan for synchronicity–for fate and destiny to meet–except Spirit, who knows what you can’t comprehend for now. Life is full of surprises, so stay on your toes and enjoy this exciting new adventure you weren’t expecting. There is a plan for your life that may not match up with your agenda.

Wide Open
“You are free to express your uniqueness to the world and share in all the bounty of life’s endless possibilities.”

All manner of opportunities are presented to you at this time. The Wide Open card is a signal that you’re able to truly manifest your dreams and that your goals are in sight. Don’t remain small and contracted. Instead, expand your horizons beyond what you believe to be your limitations. You have a unique voice that needs to be expressed in the world. The universe is supportive of new ideas and approaches at this time, so speak up and speak out.

This card is the sign of the maverick who freely roams the wide-open space of possibility. Allow for a greater vision to replace old ideas as you dream a grander dream.

After you listen, leave a comment to share how this one spoke to you!


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