Finding a new job in 24 hours with Christina Hart

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If 2020 left you a bit world weary and you’re craving a spark of hope, optimism, and magic …  today’s episode might be just what the doctor ordered.

Christina Hart’s story is about finding a new job, and in record time to boot! But it’s also about something much deeper than that: trusting that things are always ultimately working out for you and opening up for life to surprise and delight you.

Tune in to this week’s episode with a normal person to get inspired by Christina’s story. Kristen asked Christina about…

  • How she built up the confidence to finally speak up for herself (even to her boss!), and the unexpected outcome of that.
  • The story of how she quit her job with no plan, and ended up unemployed for less than 24 hours in the midst of a global pandemic.
  • The seemingly magical bread crumb trail she followed that led her to the perfect next job.
  • Her personal journey of building her intuition and trust in the universe, and her advice for how you can start developing this for yourself.

After you’ve listened, leave a comment below to share how Christina’s story resonated with you!


Christina works as a Sports Physiotherapist (aka Physical Therapist) in Australia.  She spent the early days of her career trying to prove the professors that told her she would never make it in the sports world wrong. She went on to work with professional athletes from multiple countries for many years before settling down in private practice. Now after 13 years in the industry, this highly sensitive, introverted Thriver and recovering people pleaser has learned how to speak up for herself.  This shy small-town girl has finally found a voice and is enjoying the benefits that come with no longer pretending to be ok with everyone else’s expectations for her.


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  • maria

    hey thanks guys really really loved this. I understand and relate to her totally as a people pleaser and as someone who this year has resolved to listen to my gut more and trust. I spent 7 years in a job like the one Christina left, constantly being undermined and belittled by my boss and yet i stayed, until i was booted out due to the pandemic. I went to see tarot readers and psychics who suggested that the job was right for me plus pressure from my mum (who is a control freak with massive anxiety herself) that I would find nothing better so I stayed until i was forced out. I also in tandem with this job was in a relationship that was toxic and chipping away at my confidence. This year I finally left it. I havent yet found a new job or a new relationship (we’re back in lockdown in the UK which makes everything seem impossible) but Im trying my best to stay strong and trust, but its very very hard.

    • Kristen Walker

      Maria — I’m so sorry you felt so much pressure to stay in a job that was toxic and miserable. While I’m sure it must be scary to be in this in-between stage, I’m glad you’re at least out of that terrible environment. And serious kudos for leaving your unhealthy relationship too. I know that took a lot of courage, especially when everything else in your life felt so uncertain, but I’m also sure you’re going to ultimately feel a lot freer (if you don’t already!). Sounds like this episode came out at just the right time for you! ♥

  • Cleo

    What an inspiring story! Definitely a timely reminder for me to let go of the outcome and also to stay connected to my true inner voice so that it can be heard.