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We all know that person. The one who’s read all the books, taken all the personality tests, and been to therapy for years but somehow is exactly the same as when they started. They could talk to you all day long about their issues — they know exactly why they are the way they are — but haven’t actually changed.

None of us want to be that person. But going from intellectually understanding stuff to integrating that information and actually thinking, feeling, and behaving differently? That’s not easy.

People who “know things” are a dime a dozen. People who have integrated what they know are rare. And bridging that gap usually takes help.

So, in this brand-new episode of the podcast, we’re delving into how we, as coaches, use information that all of us love (personality tests) to actually help our clients change their feelings, beliefs, and behavior.

We talked about…


We debated whether or not to continue as planned with opening enrollment for 1:1 coaching this week, which we do 3 times per year. Right now doesn’t necessarily feel like an ideal time to do anything!

But we decided to stay the course. For some, what’s going on in the world may have thrown a wrench into your plans, and coaching no longer makes sense. But for others, that same wrench may be the very reason it makes sense for you to have extra structure, support, and clarity right now.

It’s our job to help guide people through transitions, existential crises, and major life questions. So as long as people are experiencing that, we’ll be here to coach them!

So, if this turns out to be the right time for you to take some serious personal inventory and figure out where you’re going with your life and career, then we’re happy to talk to you.

Enrollment for 1:1 coaching is officially open NOW:

If you’re seriously considering coaching, read this page and then click “sign me up” to talk to one of us about the possibility.

Remember, you have until Tuesday, March 31, to fill out that form! After that, you can add your name to the wait list.

If you want more of a glimpse into our coaching style — how it works, and why it works — check out our episode from October 2019 called “Why career coaching has (almost) nothing to do with your career.”


There are many Enneagram tests you could take, but here are two that we’ve both personally taken. Keep in mind that you’ll want to set aside about 45 minutes to complete either test:

Eclectic Energies Enneagram Test (free)

The Riso-Hudson Enneagram Type Indicator (paid)

We love this free version of the Myers Briggs:

16 personalities

And of course, if you haven’t taken the Passion Profile Quiz yet, are you even a Clarity on Fire fan?? 😉


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  1. Love this. I like that I’m INFJ and, I think?, type 9, so I can relate to both Rachel and Kristen lol.
    Curious, since it is one-on-one coaching, how do you decide when it is time to pair with a client? Or does the client choose? Keep an eye out for a note from me. I would like to have at least a consult; though not sure beyond that.
    But thanks for great content and links! I’m going to double check my Enneagram and refresh my memory with your passion profile.

    1. Good question, Brooke! Honestly, the way we decide is more logistical than anything else. Whichever one of us has availability at the moment, or whose schedule matches up better with the client’s schedule, etc. If we think there’s a very strong need for one of us to take a client over another, we will. But usually we trust that whoever the client ends up with will be the right person for them, and of course the process we take them through is the same no matter what!

  2. Thanks for the breakdown of the less intuitive Myers Briggs categories. My husband (ISTJ) and I (ISFJ) both had the same out loud reaction when you said as a J you need to know Tuesday what you’re doing on Friday: “Yessss!” It’s tricky sometimes with our friends who tend to invite us over for Friday dinner on Friday afternoon, and our only reason not to go is that we were counting on a date with the couch and our PJs. 😉 At least we’re getting plenty of those nights now…

    1. YES. I hate when people invite me to things and it ruins my couch and PJ plans!! And yeah, I guess the silver lining to the pandemic is that us introverts don’t have to figure out how to get out of plans anymore! Lol 😉

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