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A year ago, on my birthday, I did something I’m prouder of than almost anything I’ve ever done: I published my own solo podcast!

Forever Alone: One introverted millennial’s half-agonizing, half-hopeful journey through singledom.

It’s like a memoir, in audio form. But people tell me it feels less like non-fiction and more like listening to a novel. Whether you’re single or not, it’ll resonate with you if you’re someone who’s been hoping for something for a long time that you haven’t gotten (and if your heart and spirit are a little bruised from the effort of trying).

So, in honor of Forever Alone’s one-year anniversary, I’m letting Kristen interview me again (we did one last year, too!) about everything that’s happened since then. And oh boy … is it a doozy.

We got into…

I’d love for you to leave a comment below after you’ve listened to share how this landed with you – especially the part about compatibility.

If you haven’t listened to Forever Alone, start with Chapter 1!

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Today, Friday the 12th, is the LAST day to enroll in Getting Over People Pleasing!

We don’t know when we’ll run this course again! It’s been 2 years between this time and last time. So if you’re interested in kicking this habit to the curb, then now is your shot!

Here are some quick FAQs if you’re on the fence and need help deciding if this is right for you:

How do you get the content?

In short videos released weekly, for four weeks. You’ll listen to a lesson, then be prompted to do some exercises in your workbook. The first lesson drops tomorrow, August 15th!

How much of a time commitment is it?

Probably 3-ish hours per week. And though we’ll be releasing content weekly, you can go slower if you need to. You have forever access to the course, so take your time!

How do we interact with you two (Kristen and Rachel)?

There’s a private community page where course members can connect with each other, ask questions, share their experiences, and get responses directly from us. This is where the daily conversation about the content will be happening.

When does the course actually start?

You’ll get your first official lesson tomorrow, Monday, August 15th, and the next 3 lessons on the Mondays after that. But again, you can go at your own pace.

Is this course always available?

Nope. We don’t know if/when we’ll run this course again! If August isn’t a good time, then you can always enroll now and start when the time is right for you, because you have access to the content forever.

All the details, including a summary of what each lesson covers, is here.

We hope to see some of you in there!


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