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Honing your intuition is one of the most important parts of getting clear on who you are, what you want, and where you’re headed. Without it, you’re like a GPS with bad reception — you’re not going to get very clear guidance, and you may end up driving in circles.

But that takes time and practice, so sometimes it’s nice to piggyback off of another GPS you can trust, even if it’s just long enough to check your directions. 

In that spirit, here’s another Message from the Universe episode for you! Tune in if you need a little clarity, guidance, or just a fun pick-me-up. 

Today we pulled a few cards from the classic Rider-Waite tarot deck. One or all has a message for you — listen in to find out what it is! 

Here are the cards we pulled for you, along with their descriptions:


King of Wands:

Are you taking the lead in a creative venture? Do you have a long-range vision of an inspirational or entrepreneurial endeavor? When you step into your fiery, creative and visionary power, and manifest your ideas in the material world, you are charged by the energy of the King of Wands.

In the classic Rider Waite image, a red-headed King sits in profile, his gaze intent on some unseen action on the horizon. He’s dressed finely, even ostentatiously, in his flame-tipped crown and red-and-gold garb.

His throne and cape are decorated with the noble lion and the salamander, the mystical fire elemental who eats his own tail, symbolizing the eternal creative cycle that pervades everything that is. Another salamander sits at his feet, symbolizing his mastery over the creative, the regenerative, and the resilient. In his left hand, he holds a tall, blooming Wand.

Wands are symbolic of the fire element – the realm of creativity, willpower and energy. The King of Wands does not merely have great ideas – though he does have plenty – he also knows how to manifest them in the material world. The King has moved all the way from the Ace of inspiration to the expansion and mastery of his original intent.

Whether he is writing, acting, painting, singing, coding or running his own business, the King of Wands lives and breathes his vision. He is also a charismatic leader, so recruiting devoted partners, helpers or followers is his specialty, as is facilitating their success.

When the King of Wands appears, it’s a call to use your vision and charisma to take charge of your personal realm. Be fearless in bringing your ideas into the world for others to examine and enjoy. Live life intentionally. What you create, creates you.

High Priestess:

Be patient; all will be revealed. You’re advised to keep cool and trust your intuition when the High Priestess appears in a reading.

A serene Priestess sits between two pillars, one black, one white, emblazoned with “J” for Jachin, and “B” for Boaz. “Jachin” means “begin” and “Boaz” translates to “completion.” Between them, a tapestry decorated with pomegranates — the symbol of Persephone, the only goddess to be as at home in the underworld as she is on earth — separates the uninitiated from the secrets of the unconscious.

She wears the crown of the Triple goddess, the holy cross around her neck, and has a Torah unfurled in her lap, and all complement and illuminate one another. The High Priestess cares not for needless lines and delineations — she keeps her throne where spiritual truths wait for seekers, where beginnings and endings intersect and blend, where intellect and intuition bleed together.

She is the keeper of secrets and the ultimate intuitive, trusting her gut even above the most well-crafted explanations. What situation in your life appears one way, but feels quite another? In this day and age, we’re programmed to trust logic, authority and the established order above all.

But for now, sit back in a quiet space, and let the answers come to you from within. Whether that means meditation, prayer, a long bath or a long walk, make room for your inner Priest/ess to reveal themselves to you. There’s more information yet to be revealed that will help you make the right call, but wait for the right time.

The High Priestess is all about sniffing out obscure answers and hidden agendas, so make time to listen to your inner voice and pay attention to its wisdom. Then, when the situation presents itself to you, you’ll be ready. All answers lie within you.

Knight of Cups:

Are you feeling romantic, dreamy, willing to be open and vulnerable in order to get your message across? Or are you being approached by a “white knight” with such an invitation? Perhaps even one on bended knee? Then you are swept off your feet by the sweet enthusiasm of the Knight of Cups.

In the classic Rider Waite imagery, a young knight encased in his infamous shining armor, prances on a pure white horse, across a tree-dotted landscape fed by a long blue stream – he appears to be presenting a single golden Cup.

This card lacks the impatience of the Knight of Swords, the impetuousness of the Knight of Wands, and the steadiness of the Knight of Pentacles – the Knight of Cups prides himself on his role as the ideal romantic suitor, bearing gifts, and decked out in the best in order to win his lover’s hand.

This Knight of Cups is in touch with his feelings and intuition – he’s romantic, charming, and even poetic at times. He may demonstrate his devotion through silver-tongued speeches, art, or another form of creativity, and he’s willing to bare it all in the name of love – or, in his negative aspect, the fantasy of it.

Knights are “young” in the Tarot, whatever the age of the person they may represent – they still have some maturing to do, and at his lowest, the Knight of Cups can get moody, emotionally unstable, lost in dreams or regrets. But generally, the Knight of Cups represents an event in our lives, or a person, that invites us to open ourselves up to love, to possibility, and to courageously feeling the heights and depths that come with them.

The Knight of Cups comes up when we are about to be taken on an emotional journey – we may be motivated by love, or inspired by creativity, but we are certainly “moved,” and feel the urge to put ourselves, and our most precious dreams, “out there.” Go forth; make your offering.

After you listen, leave a comment below to share how this one spoke to you.


The Tarot card descriptions from today’s reading were written by the fabulous Madeleine Joan, aka the Village Witch! Madeleine is a Tarot card reader, intuitive, and astrologist with 30 years of experience. We recommend that you:

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  1. I think another way you could look at this spread when thinking of ‘problem, action and solution/outcome’ is that the King of Wands feel very fire and masculine energy, i.e. making things happen. It could be a message that you are too much in your masculine when trying to fix this problem, and the better action is to embody the feminine way of The High Priestess i.e. letting things happen as opposing to very actively trying to force things to happen.

  2. To tell the truth, I am so glad that I came across your article because I have a total mess up in my life. I really like fortune telling and I believe in cartomancy because it helps me to move in the right direction, becoming more confident in my subsequent actions. I can say that the King of Wands is a necessary card for me and its message is a great push to actions. I think that the most important message of this card is that you need to take responsibility for your life and fulfill your potential, pulling yourself together. Also, the High Priestess said what I needed so badly because really often I forget to listen to my inner voice and neglect it, but it is one of the most important parts of our personality and really often it can give answers to all questions. Of course, all answers lie within you and you simply need to hear them.

  3. You are not a single being, curtailed from the rest of existence. You are linked to the universe in numerous ornamented ways like threads woven via your very being. And it is via these threads that the world can convey you messages. No doubt you’ve come across several of them in your life, sometimes without even thinking what they are. You might have reasoned them by chance, but there is a good opportunity they were indications from the universe planned to escort you one way or another. Your insights and perception frequently express themselves through a feeling in the belly and these feelings are products of an effective unconscious mind that is imparting a message from the beyond.

    Teresa | MEW

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