Learning to meditate (& how to stick to it) with Francisca Hernandez


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If you knew there was a pill you could take that was known to decrease stress, lift you out of anxiety and depression, seriously improve your mood, ease your digestion, help you sleep better, and allow you to discover and make peace with who you really are, while being absolutely free and having zero harmful side effects … you’d be clamoring to take it, right??

So then why are so many of us not meditating? Because that’s just a fraction of what meditation can do for us.

In this month’s interview with an expert, we’re talking to Francisca Hernandez (you may recognize her from the normal person interview Rachel did with her back in November, 2018), a certified meditation guide, about…

  • How meditation helped her heal after a near-death medical incident, as well as helped her stop abusing drugs and alcohol.
  • All of the benefits, some you know and some you won’t, of incorporating meditation into your daily routine.
  • What to do if meditation feels really difficult or tends to bring up a lot of anxiety and uncomfortable emotions.
  • Styles of meditation that may work well for you, depending on your personality type.
  • Misconceptions about what meditation actually is, and why you don’t need to be “good” at it to get the benefits.

After you’ve listened, leave a comment below to let us know how Francisca’s advice resonated with you, and whether it inspired you to try (or recommit) to meditation!


Francisca Hernandez is a creative, intuitive, and fluid soul with a passion for sharing well-being tools. She is a certified meditation guide, yoga instructor, Reiki practitioner, aromatherapist, and Tarot card reader. She loves to support her community and volunteers in her spare time to guide meditation for the teachers and students in her neighborhood’s middle school.

Check out everything Francisca has to offer, including meditation, Reiki, aromatherapy, Tarot and more, and join her newsletter at isabelletigerlilly.com.


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  • Aide Sanchez

    Hello Krachel,
    Thank you for this episode with Francisca, It came at a perfect moment to recommit, I have done meditation on and off and the comment that did it for me is that, meditation is a way to reconnect to our intuition and have more clarity. You are so right, we come to you for an emergency fix me up where we don’t even have an idea of what we want and if meditation can get us out of survival mode, it is worth the shot.
    Thank you for all the wisdom and variety you bring to this podcast, as always you have rocked and rolled this episode too.

    • Kristen Walker

      So glad this episode has inspired you to recommit to meditation, Aide! It really is one of the best ways to access your intuition, so I’m excited for you to reach new levels of clarity through more regular meditation. Thanks for letting us (and Francisca!) know how this episode resonated for you. 🙂

    • Francisca Hernandez

      Aide, I’m happy this episode came at the perfect moment for you. Connecting to your intuition, gaining clarity, and getting out of survival mode are some of my favorite side effects of regular meditation. Meditating is like optimizing your phone so that you can close apps running in the background to make room for upgrades and downloads. I’m so glad the podcast resonated with you and helped you recommit to meditation!

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