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I know a lot of you are already well aboard the “woo woo” train. You booked yourself a ticket on a day when Mercury wasn’t in retrograde, and you’re chilling in a first-class compartment that you saged before unpacking your crystals.

Some of you probably nervously boarded the train, wanting to believe more in the mysteries of the Universe, but skeptical of where it’s going to take you (or if it’ll take you anywhere).

And a few of you are shouting at me from the platform like, “Shut up and just do what I came here for! Teach me how to get a job I love, thanks!!” (I can totally do that … but I’d rather teach you how to manifest one. All aboard. 😏🚂)

No matter where you are in relation to the train, I promise you’re going to get SO much out of this episode with my former client Chelsea, an Intuitive/Karmic Astrologer and Spiritual Advisor. I brought Chelsea on the podcast to talk about all things manifestation, and boy did we.

Listen in as Chelsea and I got into…

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Chelsea Jewel is an Intuitive + Karmic Astrologer and a Spiritual Advisor to the visionaries and conscious leaders of the world. She has guided hundreds of people to forge deeper connections with their soul’s purpose through her readings, coaching practice, and her Intuitive Astrology course, Discover Your Stars. You can find her on Instagram @chelseajewel33 and online at


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  1. WOW. I absolutely LOVED this episode! I’ve gotten more & more into spirituality, and I was hopping you’d talk about something in this realm. This episode was even better than I anticipated. I listen to another podcast you may have heard of, called Expanded, which is all about manifestation. It takes the viewpoint that manifestation has to come from reprogramming your subconscious limiting beliefs, which is done through a sort of hypnosis via their ‘deep imagining’ recordings that you pad a monthly subscription for. Their formula for successful manifestation is reprogramming/unblocking, expanding and taking aligned action. & let’s not forget ‘passing tests’ to ‘prove to the universe you are in your worth.’ At first I was gung Ho, finding it very interesting & promising. But the more I listened, the more I began to really question it as it sounds, like you said, like a recipe for further frustration & low self worth if your manifestations don’t come through… because that would mean you’re not unblocked enough, not in your worth enough.. you’re…not enough. & I know plenty of people who manifest great things who have no idea about unblocking & reprogramming.. so how do you explain that? Not to mention if humans are born completely worthy, why would you have to prove that to anyone let alone the universe? Anyway, I found this episode of yours so refreshing & put me at ease.. it made me feel so much more at ease whereas the ‘expanded’ viewpoint sort of makes me feel weighed down, like I will always be ‘beneath’ what I desire. I love the idea that the universe gives you what you need to grow, and that ‘tests’ are more so opportunities to uplevel & be more aligned with oir higher selves. Thank you so much for this truly ‘expansive’ take on manifestation!!

    1. I’m so happy this resonated with you, Sarah! I’ve got to say, reading your description of that other podcast made me squirm a little! There’s something about a model where people are paying for access to things that are meant to unblock you, and then never feeling unblocked enough if they don’t get their manifestations, and then wanting to throw MORE money at you, thinking they haven’t done enough yet … yuck, don’t love that!! If you liked this episode I highly recommend you check out Tosha Silver’s work. You would love Outrageous Openness! I’d start there. 🙂

  2. I often think a lot about manifestation and where the line is and how to differentiate between what can be manifested with our own thoughts and will and what needs to be left to a higher power. I don’t know if I have the answers yet or have heard a teaching which really seems to hit the nail on the head, but sometimes I wonder if manifestations can be compared to simple vs complex tasks I learnt about in high school psychology.

    The basic concept is our brains can do multiple simple tasks at once, i.e. watching TV and eating dinner at the same time, but cannot do multiple complex tasks at once i.e. driving a car and writing a text message (despite many who will contradict you on that one, we truly don’t have enough brain neurons to text and drive at the same time XD) – sometimes I think maybe the Law of Attraction works a bit like this. Simple tasks like manifesting a beach ball randomly, or a leather jacket or a specific symbol are relatively simply and appear to work instantly, as if by magic. But then trying to manifest something more complex, like a dream job, a partnership, a first home – maybe asking for that to be manifested as easily as the beach ball is a bit much? It’d be like planting a pumpkin seed in the ground and expecting it to be a pumpkin tomorrow? It’s too complex to necessarily show up in an instant, but if you plant the seed the Law of Attraction can work as a really good filter for when you want to manifest something more complex, so that when it does pop up you instantly are aware that’s what you were looking for. It also allows you to say no/filter out the things that are not a match to what you want to manifest i.e. that’s not the right job, that’s not the right partner etc.

    Honestly, I don’t know if i’m making any sense on this! LoL – But it’s the best thought process I’ve come up with so far to explain why sometimes the Law of Attraction seems so obvious (like doing those beach ball experiments) and other time when manifesting often the larger things don’t come as easily. Thought I’d share! 🙂

    1. Yes, I’m down with this take, Samantha! I think things like beach balls are easier to manifest because they’re simple and we’re not attached to the outcome. There aren’t a lot of other people/components that need to come together for you to see a beach ball. And you really don’t care that much either way if you do, so you’re not putting out any resistance. Whereas with something you really want, like a new job or a partner, that’s far more complex. There are way more people/components that have to align first, and that naturally takes more time. Plus, we’re far more attached to the things we deeply desire, so we often have a lot of resistance (in the form of fear, limiting beliefs, traumas, etc.). to work through. BUT, I think we see little signs and synchronicities along the way to those bigger things, because those signs are easier to manifest as serve as proof we’re on the right path, and to keep going. 🙂

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