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Calling all fellow bookworms, library nerds, and general lovers of literature — it’s time for another book club episode of the podcast!

Whenever there are five Fridays in a month, we devote the extra Friday to a book that we can’t get enough of. This time we decided to have a conversation about one of our absolute favorite self-help books of all time, Outrageous Openness by Tosha Silver.

We talked about:

Leave us a comment below after you’ve listened, and let us know what resonated most from this conversation. And in the true spirit of this book, we’d also LOVE to hear your stories of signs, synchronicities, and surrendering to the Universe, so come share that, too!


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Outrageous Openness by Tosha Silver

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  1. Awesome podcast! I try to practice openness and trusting the Universe, but I also struggle with patience and relinquishing control. Thanks for the reminder that the Universe has my back; I just need to relax and let it work its magic.

  2. Sky Blue Cars
    I listened to this on the way home after my 12 hour shift and was like yeah ok sky blue cars. I’ll give that one a go. I NEVER see this color in a car in Northern Washington State so let’s play universe. My husband puts on a silly movie that I got sucked into and lo and behold there is a sky blue freaking car in this movie! No joke less than an hour after I played along. Also we found a house! It took 8 months and this was after I had given up on the search. It’s like dating, after you give up the pressure it happens. This podcast hit home many times and gives me a sense of confidence and peace that it’ll all work out as it should. Now if you guys could make a podcast on how to let these things go without going through the wanting to control it in the first place it may save us all a lot of time and angst! ???? work in progress. Great one you two!

    1. Haha!! I love how quickly the Universe came through on sky blue cars! And congrats on finding a house! No surprise that it happened after you stopped looking. Isn’t that always the way? And OMG, if ONLY I could learn how to let things go without wanting to control it in the first place! I was about to say, “I wish I was an expert on that,” but on second thought, wishing to be an expert is sort of like inviting the Universe to give me all sorts of challenging things to surrender, and my first reaction to that is NOPE. lol. 😉

  3. The only recent one I can think of – and I do believe in divine guidance- was after a particularly traumatic therapy session a couple of weeks ago, I left the session in tears feeling really low and desperate. As I walked along the street- a mobile repair shop flashed up the words (part of one of those neon animated banners) at the exact point that I saw the words ‘Don’t despair’ It made me laugh and cry, I knew it was a message. After that I felt lighter and much enjoyed the rest of my day

  4. I love this book! It got me through some tough stuff. My entire life has proven to me that everything works out, and that it works out exactly as it is meant to. My path has been very convoluted and wacky- I like to do things the hard way, but I am always put back on track and given just what I need when I need it. Everything that happens is for me, never against me. I remind myself of that often when I’m growing impatient. Excellent book recommendation and I second it whole-heartedly. I appreciate the reminder and am looking forward to re-reading the book now 🙂

  5. Hi Krachel! I absolutely love your podcast. I recently found it and have been binge listening to them. After this podcast I bought and read Outrageous Openess, in one sitting. This book was amazing. I am starting a new journey of personal development and wondering if you recommend any other books? Keep doing what your doing! Your podcast has really been helpful and inspiring to me in many ways. Thank You!!

    1. Hey Sarah! We’re so glad you found us! And OMG, we definitely have some book recs for you. We did other bonus book club episodes about The Alchemist by Paolo Coelho and Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert–two great ones. We also LOVE Glennon Doyle’s memoir Love Warrior. If you like Outrageous Openness then she has a follow-up to that called Change Me Prayers. Also anything by Danielle LaPorte, but if you’re looking for a more spiritually-centered book then her latest book White Hot Truth is awesome. All of these are ones we’ve returned to multiple times! 🙂

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