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I don’t know about you, but I (hi, Kristen here!) have been feeling extra overwhelmed lately. There’s just always so much to do! 

And yes, most of it is all stuff I want to put my time and energy into, but it still feels like a lot of doing. I’ve been feeling a strong urge to sloooow down the pace of life lately and stop trying to make everything happen all at once. 

The beautiful part about being a coach is that, sometimes as you’re helping a client find solutions to the problems in their lives, you end up finding your own solutions along the way too. 

That’s what happened recently with my client Carolyn, who’s been trying out a “feminine energy experiment,” where she focuses less on doing and more on attracting. And I’ve gotta say, her results have been pretty amazing so far! 

So naturally, I had to bring her on the podcast and have her share her journey with you. 😉 

This is one of those conversations I keep mentally coming back to, and it’s inspired me to do my own feminine energy experiment to help calm my growing overwhelm. I have a feeling you’ll be inspired to try your own experiment too after you hear how it’s gone for Carolyn!

Listen in as Kristen asks Carolyn about…

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Carolyn is an avid world traveler, hiker, and yogi. Her other passions include reading, writing, philosophy, psychology, and deepening her spirituality. She is an oncology Physician Assistant by trade and lives in Brooklyn, NY.


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