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A year ago, Kim Scott found herself in an all-encompassing funk.

Nothing was going right. Issues with family were popping up, friendships were coming apart at the seams, and she was totally unsatisfied with her job. 

She vaguely remembered a time, too long ago, that she had mojo — when she was vibrant and alive and full of energy — but hadn’t connected with that version of herself in so long, it was hard to believe she’d ever existed.

In this month’s new interview with a normal person, my former client Kim and I got into how she went from totally groove-less to getting her groove back in less than a year.

Listen in as we talk about…

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Kim has always been open to taking risks and isn’t afraid to step out and try new things. She joined the Army at 17, moved to Dallas when she got out, and made a life for herself without knowing anyone personally. All she knew was that she had a cousin there, and figured she’d make it work!

Kim was pulled into project management in 2016 and really liked it. But after getting PMP certified and leaving that employer, things still weren’t glamorous. After reaching a breaking point, she reached out to Clarity on Fire (after listening for years!). Like many at the beginning of coaching, Kim had family issues, work issues, and the isolation from Covid hadn’t helped.  

Today, Kim is at a much better organization. She may not be 100% in love with her work, but knows that the career journey is a never-ending cycle, so she’s ready to keep taking risks in this new phase of life and use the tools she learned while working with Rachel to move onwards and upwards.


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