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Ever been so burnt out that you were ready to up and quit your job with no plan?

We’ve been there — and actually done it … more than once. 😅 My client Sonya has, too, which is why I invited her to be this month’s “interview with a normal person.”

Listen in as Sonya and I get into:

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Can you relate to feeling burnt out and wanting to quit your job with zero plan?

Hey, it’s always an option! It worked out for Sonya. 😉

But if you’d like to pause before you do anything rash — maybe get to the root of whether it’s really your job that’s the problem, or you — then we’ve got good news:

We’re CURRENTLY accepting applications for new coaching clients!

We officially open doors for new clients just a few times per year, so if now feels like the right time, let’s talk.

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  1. This episode resonated with me so much! So much. I’m an INFP and a #9. Literally experiencing and feeling the same emotions. I found this episode super helpful, validating, and inspiring. I would love to connect with Sonya at some point. Thank you so much for sharing your story.

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