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My former client Kara is one of those women who was good at doing what she was “supposed” to do. 

She went to college, studied engineering (just like her dad), and became an engineer. She also got married and had kids, all while progressing in a very demanding field. 

But eventually, as life tend to do when it isn’t built on the sturdiest, most authentic foundation, things started to fall apart. Kara went through a divorce, became a single working mom, and was faced with a whole new reality.

She’d spent 20 years checking a lot of boxes, only to realize that she wasn’t satisfied and desperately needed a change (and a break).

In this month’s interview with a normal person, Kara and I talk about what it’s like to leave a career after so long and start something entirely new.

Listen in as we talk about…

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Kara is an ISTJ, a Thriver, and an Enneagram Type 9. She’s also a civil engineer, a single mom of two, and an amateur gardener, chef, and chicken collector who left her full-time job as an engineering manager almost two years ago to embark on an 8-month sabbatical and rediscover her purpose.

She discovered her passion for financial coaching after going through her own journey to pay off debt, and helping several friends get their own finances in order. She’s now on a mission to help women build healthy money habits so they can eliminate debt, build wealth, and start living The Good Life – whatever that may mean for them!

The Good Life Financial Coaching




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