How to work less, live more, and make great money with Katie Mongelli


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About a decade ago, Katie Mongelli’s life fell apart — she got divorced, became a single mom, and had to move to a different state, far away from the accounting business that she had built on her own and which had become her family’s livelihood.

After losing almost everything and having to start over, Katie never took her survival for granted again. For the next 10+ years, she built her business back up and then some, complete with staff in multiple physical locations, and a cash flow that provided for a beautiful home and lifestyle.

But even at the height of what looked like extreme success, Katie was the most miserable she’d ever been. Up until 18 months ago, she was just scrambling to keep EXISTING; the possibility of LIVING and actively enjoying her life wasn’t even on the table.

To say that everything has changed in the last year-and-a-half would be a big understatement.

In this episode of the Clarity on Fire podcast, we talked to Katie Mongelli, CPA and Certified Money Coach, about …

  • Why conventional, “responsible” advice about money leads so many people down the completely wrong path.
  • Why so many of us are viscerally afraid of our finances, and why when we worry, we tend to jump to extremes like imagining ourselves homeless.
  • How she transitioned from working 7 days a week, commuting often, and rarely taking breaks to working almost entirely remotely, always taking weekends off, and building in plenty of time for naps, Pilates, and time with family.
  • AND how she cut WAY back on work without making less money (she even bought a second home after a year of working less!).
  • How changing her approach to work also completely altered her relationship with her husband and daughter for the better (neither of them recognize her now, in a good way).
  • The first steps you can take to heal your “money story,” so that you can stop existing and start LIVING.


If you listen to Katie’s story, there’s no doubt you’ll be impressed. But she’d be the first to tell you that what she did isn’t unique to her. Anyone can make a HUGE life shift that leaves them happier and more fulfilled than they’d ever thought possible — but sometimes you can’t get there on your own.

Katie and Rachel worked together through 1-on-1 coaching to completely turn her life around. If you’re interested in that kind of transformation, with the benefit of expert guidance focused solely on you, 1-on-1 coaching may be a great fit for you, too.

Check out more details and get on our calendar to chat about the possibility, here.



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  • Emily Maher

    I love your approach to finance! Thanks for understanding what it’s like for real humans! It’s amazing everything you’ve gone through in your journey. Thank you so much for this!

    • Rachel East

      Thanks for listening, Emily! I’ll be sure to pass your comment along to Katie. 🙂