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You’ve probably all dreamed at some point of being Duchess Catherine (British royalty) or Beyoncé (American royalty) — if only because of how nice it must be to have the resources to outsource the mundane crap that eats up all your time! If they don’t want to cook, clean, do laundry, file their taxes, or go to the grocery store every again, they don’t have to. The dream!

Like Kate and Bey, Anna is also a busy working mom of three young kids. But unlike the mega-rich and famous, she doesn’t have a full-time staff to take care of everything for her.

Yet, somehow, in the midst of a pandemic, while working full-time and juggling virtual learning for her kids, she managed to carve out a couple hours multiple times per week to go to her own private studio space and paint.

Given that Anna would have sworn up and down that such a thing was impossible just a few months ago, we had to have her on the podcast to talk about how she created space in her life just for her.

So, in this month’s brand-new interview with a normal person, Rachel and Anna got into…

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Anna is a working mother of 3 kids aged 6 and under, so she has her hands full! After reading Glennon Doyle’s Untamed about six months ago, Anna began to take more ownership of her time. She started working with Rachel and is learning to become less focused on pleasing others and more focused on taking care of herself so that she can enjoy her life and show up for her family, job, and community in a more energized and authentic way. As part of that journey, she has taken up painting, a passion she had abandoned about 10 years ago, and is finding it is giving her so much life in this uncertain and chaotic time.


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