Treating life like a magical scavenger hunt with Francisca Hernandez


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In December of 2017, Francisca Hernandez nearly died.

She’d spent months feeling unwell, bouncing from doctor to doctor, trying and failing to get to the bottom of her health struggles. It came to a head 11 months ago when she (pretty miraculously) walked into the hospital under her own power, and ended up needing six pints of blood transfused into her body.

What followed was a very serious surgery two months later. And, as people often do when they end up on death’s doorstep, she found herself taking a complete inventory of her life.

The gratitude of being alive brought sharp clarity and made her admit to the fact that, leading up to her health crisis, she’d spent many years in a numbed-out haze, trying to avoid the despair and pointlessness she felt on a daily basis.

Almost a year later, Francisca says she’s the happiest she’s ever been, and only getting happier. In this month’s interview with a normal person, Rachel talks to Francisca about:

  • Why she ignored her intuition for so long, and why she actively tried to numb almost everything she felt.
  • How being forced to take a huge time-out from her life finally allowed her intrinsic desires and interests to bubble to the surface.
  • The small ways she started to trust her intuition, and some funny stories about how it turned out.
  • How she decided to treat life like a magical scavenger hunt, and the crazy-awesome results she’s having.
  • Why she thinks hitting rock bottom allowed her to reach such joyful heights, less than a year later.
  • Her advice to you about how to start listening to and being guided by your intuition.

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  • Sidney M.

    What a great podcast. First time listening,would love to hear more on meditation and how to learn to trust your intuition!

    • Rachel East

      Hi Sidney! Thanks for listening, we’re glad you found us! At the bottom of the page there are some links to past episodes that are at least somewhat related to this topic, so I’d recommend checking those out first. 🙂 And we’ll definitely be talking more about trusting your intuition in the future, and I’ll add meditation to the list of topics we can get into with experts in the future!

  • Yoly

    The episode featured with Francisca was very informative. She is proof that everyone is deserving of positive change. I was able to relate on the topic about taking time for yourself instead of always pleasing everyone else. Thank you all for taking the time to teach people how to love themselves.

    • Rachel East

      You’re so welcome, Yoly! We so agree–everyone is deserving of positive change. 🙂

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