Side Chat: Is it not working? Or is it not working YET?


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Lately, one of my (Rachel’s!) clients came back a couple of weeks into a homework assignment and proclaimed: “I’m really frustrated and disappointed. It’s not WORKING!!”

When you’ve spent a couple of weeks on something and you’re seeing no results, of course it’s frustrating. Especially when every day that passes by gives your inner critic more and more fodder for beating you up — “If you were good at this, it would work.” “See, I told you that you’re a failure. Why even try?”

But I wasn’t “in it” like she was, so I could see the reality of the situation: It’s not that her strategy wasn’t working, it’s that it wasn’t working YET. She hadn’t given it nearly enough time or effort to conclude it wasn’t working and would never work.

So, in this month’s brand-new Side Chat, Kristen and I sit down to talk about how to tell the difference between “it’s not working” and “it’s not working YET.” We got into…

  • How to define what something “working” even means, according to your situation.
  • Ways you can tell something has the potential to work, you just need more time.
  • When it could work, but you might need to make some changes/tweaks to get there.
  • When it’s never going to work, and you should give up and focus on something else.

Leave a comment after you’ve listened to share what’s not working, and what might not be working yet in your life!


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  • Samantha

    We all have what I like to call our ‘Veruka Salt’ moments from time to time. ‘But I want it NOW Daddy!’ XD

    And yay! I got another cameo in the podcast 😀 It’s always fun to hear myself occasionally featured on an episode.

    • Rachel East

      Lol exactly!! And I forgot to tell you that you inspired a question! Surprise! 😉

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