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Some of you are probably very familiar with the unique stress of being at a career crossroads.

You feel called to make a change, but you’re overwhelmed with fears and hang-ups: Is it even possible to go in a new direction? What will people think of me if I do?? What if I make zero dollars and end up back at square one?! (Cue standing frozen at the intersection like a deer in headlights.)

That’s why we sat down with our friend and fellow coach, Marissa Burdett, to talk about how to move through your fear of making a major pivot. We covered:

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Marissa Burdett is the certified life and career coach behind Ampersand Coaching and the host of the Permission to Pivot Podcast. Through personalized coaching, podcast episodes, and other offerings, she helps creative, ambitious women get unstuck so they can move forward in their careers and lives with a renewed sense of confidence and clarity.

Join Marissa in the Permission to Pivot Facebook community where an intimate group of like-minded folk gathers to connect with, support, and empower one another to make a place for exactly who they are in work and in the world.

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Follow Marissa on IG at @marissaburdett.


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  1. Dear Krachel
    I liked this podcast. I particularly identify with the “letting people down” aspect (at work, at home) and the pay cut. I made loads of notes during the podcast (re-winding often) and will refer back. Thank you for inviting Marissa.

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