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It’s quite possible you saw the title of this episode and immediately started to sweat. 😅

Our perspective on the whole concept of a career – what it even is, how to have an enjoyable one, what it takes to keep one going – has evolved SO much over the last decade and beyond. 

What we believe now versus what we believed when we first started out as career coaches … whew, it’s completely different. So much so that we wanted to bring you up to speed with where we stand now, in 2024!

So, hang in there with us as we make a case for why you might need to care a little less about your career. We get into…

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  1. „lowering the bar of what’s satisfying“😌 absolutely brilliant episode, 10 out of 10 for me! Great thoughts and ideas about how you are prone to link your identity to different aspects of your life, and a fantastic conversation about evolving what you want from your career. Love your honest reflections!

  2. This episode reminded me of a Wheel of Life exercise I did awhile ago. I remember the guide to the wheel said if you mark a life area at an 8 or higher, then you are highly satisfied in this life area and don’t really need to make any changes. Then I was surprised that it also said if you rank a life area 5-7, you are quite satisfied with this life area and may want to make some improvements. Even when you’re in that middle range, it still shows you’re not THAT dissatisfied.

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