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Lately we’ve had multiple clients share a worrying pattern. It goes something like, “I can’t stop ruminating on this awful experience I had at work. I obsess over it constantly. It’s really affecting my mood, energy, performance, and confidence.”

If you’ve had a bad romantic relationship — maybe an ex who said nasty things to your face, or who would scream at you at the drop of a hat, or who neglected your needs and then gaslit you into thinking you were crazy for having needs in the first place — you get to call it what it is. Namely, unhealthy, toxic, traumatic, even abusive.

But when these things happen at work (and they do happen at work, all the time) … we often don’t call it any of that. We often think we aren’t allowed to have feelings, at all, because we’re at work.

So, in this month’s brand-new Side Chat, we’re getting frank and talking about career trauma, namely:

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  1. In this podcast Kristen says “You don’t have to make yourself care enough about something to get good at it.” I needed to hear this. I’ve been in a job I don’t care about any more, and am being asked to learn new technology that I also don’t care about. But I’m in the process of moving on to something completely different, that I do care about. Learning for my new career directions is so much easier and I can already see that I am motivated to work at it, and get good at it, because I care about it.

    1. Love that you’re seeing how much easier it is to be motivated and learn something new when you care about it! Seems like a simple thing in hindsight, but when we’re in the thick of it we often don’t realize that it should feel that way!

  2. Trauma! yup. The toxicity of a work environment may be traumatizing and the environment or conditions and factors may be what causes burn out, anxiety, damaged morale and eventurally low sense of self worth and esteem. Passionate people who identify with their career are at risk here when they work for an organization that systemically undermines, underfunds, ignores the department that the company “has to have” because it makes the company look good but in reality it is just about looks and the company could care less in reality. I could go into more detail but the company is the government.

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