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Lately we’ve had multiple clients share a worrying pattern. It goes something like, “I can’t stop ruminating on this awful experience I had at work. I obsess over it constantly. It’s really affecting my mood, energy, performance, and confidence.”

If you’ve had a bad romantic relationship — maybe an ex who said nasty things to your face, or who would scream at you at the drop of a hat, or who neglected your needs and then gaslit you into thinking you were crazy for having needs in the first place — you get to call it what it is. Namely, unhealthy, toxic, traumatic, even abusive.

But when these things happen at work (and they do happen at work, all the time) … we often don’t call it any of that. We often think we aren’t allowed to have feelings, at all, because we’re at work.

So, in this month’s brand-new Side Chat, we’re getting frank and talking about career trauma, namely:

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  1. In this podcast Kristen says “You don’t have to make yourself care enough about something to get good at it.” I needed to hear this. I’ve been in a job I don’t care about any more, and am being asked to learn new technology that I also don’t care about. But I’m in the process of moving on to something completely different, that I do care about. Learning for my new career directions is so much easier and I can already see that I am motivated to work at it, and get good at it, because I care about it.

    1. Love that you’re seeing how much easier it is to be motivated and learn something new when you care about it! Seems like a simple thing in hindsight, but when we’re in the thick of it we often don’t realize that it should feel that way!

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