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We’re baaaack! Did you miss us? 💁🏼‍♀️

We feel refreshed and ready to dive back into podcasting after our little hiatus, so let’s start with a brand-new episode of Dear Krachel!

If you’re new to Clarity on Fire, Dear Krachel is a monthly advice segment where we answer listener questions about life, career, relationships, existential angst, and anything that helps you become a more whole, fulfilled version of yourself.

This month we answered questions from:

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  1. Hi Kristen and Rachel, I did miss y’all and I’m glad you’re back! 🙂

    I so resonate with Naked and Afraid. Hearing you say life is a “tapestry of experience” is a simple (but true) statement to be remembered and cling to when things happen in life (good or “bad”). And remembering that what was true then doesn’t have to be true now!!

    OMG, I have been and still am Laura to a degree. I am a Thriver, people pleaser and my previous employer paid for my Project Management Certification. This was back in 2016. I understand how Laura feels and it can make you feel some kind of way. Just make sure you and your employer are on the same page regarding expectations once you obtain the certification.
    I’ll wrap this up with my last two comments: (1) The kiss analogy was hilarious!!! and makes a lot of sense and (2) thanks for reminding me that no one has to know everything I’m thinking, I can have private thoughts and I can spin things a little bit. Sometimes I feel so obligated to be honest and upfront with co-workers when you helped me realize I don’t have to be.

  2. I have a suggestion for making the New Year better despite being in the dead of winter… move to Australia 😛 Or any Southern Hemisphere country for that matter! XD I’ve had the opportunity to experiencing the holiday season in the Northern Hemisphere, and while I feel nothing beats the atmosphere of a winter Christmas – the advantage of having spent my holiday season mainly in summer my whole life, is starting the new year in summer. Everything just feels so fresh, optimistic and vibrant in the warm weather. I used to think if I could have it both ways, I’d get on a plane to the Northern Hemisphere on December 20th to spend Christmas day in the cold, then hop on a plane December 26th to go to Australia and start the new year in the summer if I could haha

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