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No matter how short the delayed gratification, there’s always going to be time between realizing you want something and the moment you actually get it.

Sometimes, it’s easy and nearly instantaneous. You realize you’re hungry, and two minutes later you have a snack in hand.

Other times, you realize you want a specific career or a certain kind of relationship, and 2, 5, 8 years later … you’re still waiting to get it.

We talk a lot about the nature of trust and timing and letting go of control around here. Usually in a way that, at least we hope, feels uplifting and optimistic. But to get to optimism and hope, you sometimes have to do some dredging and detoxing — you have to confront your own less-than-flattering, shadowy tendencies.

So, in this month’s brand-new interview with a normal person, Rachel and her client of many years, Catie Beth (aka, CB), dove into the muck! They got into…

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Catie Beth (CB for short), 31, lives in Charlotte, NC with her two pups, Georgia and Charlotte. By day, she’s a headhunter for a creative and marketing recruiting firm. By night she won’t shut up about personal development, astrology, Harry Potter, books she’s reading, her nieces and nephews, new recipes she’s found and being witchy. She’s a Side-Hustling, ENFJ, Slytherin, Enneagram 3w2 and a longtime fangirl of Clarity on Fire. She is stoked to be a part of the podcast as a normal person! Find her on Instagram @catiebeth19.


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