Quitting your job, moving to another country, & starting a business with Deirdre Andrews


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To close out this month, year, and decade on a high note, Rachel thought it would be a nice, full-circle moment to sit down with Deirdre, one of her first clients ever and someone she’s known for nearly ten years!

Deirdre has had her share of ups and downs in the last ten years, like most of us. And how this decade looks at the end — living in Scotland, running her own business — is very different than how it looked at the beginning.

So, how did she end up quitting her job, moving to another country, and starting her own business? Rachel and Deirdre got into that in this year’s last interview with a normal person!

They talked about…

  • How lost, confused, and underwhelmed Deirdre felt in her first job post-college.
  • The series of ill-fitting jobs and work environments she endured over the years.
  • How she went out on a limb and put her money where her mouth was, quite literally, to invest in her potential.
  • How she stayed patient and determined, despite plenty of failure, rejection, and crickets when starting her own business.
  • Her and Rachel’s advice for you, if you want the next decade to look very different than this one!

After you listen come leave a comment to share how Deirdre’s journey resonated with you!


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