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After years of job hopping (including starting her own side gig), hoping to find the right fit, Ella recently landed a job that by all counts should have been her “dream job.”

And yet, she felt strangely conflicted about it right from the initial interview. On her very first day of the new job, she knew this was utterly wrong for her.

So what happens when you get your dream job … and you hate it from Day 1?

Cue panic, confusion, and plenty of existential questioning.

Now, Ella will tell you that getting that “dream job” (including all of the previous jobs leading up to it) was exactly what she needed to identify her deeper purpose and give her more clarity than she thought was possible for her.

Listen in to this week’s interview with a normal person as Kristen and Ella talk about…

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Ella has had her fair share of twists and turns in her personal and professional journey that has challenged her to take a deep look inward. In college, she was dead set on becoming a lawyer, but that decision never felt quite right. After several years of working various jobs in the legal field and holding off on going to law school until she was “completely ready,” she realized that her heart wasn’t in it. It took her a few more years to figure out that she loved psychology, and she went back to school to study positive psychology, which is much more aligned with her interests. After graduating, she found a great job as a researcher in tech, and thought she found a career that truly fits her. Yet, after some time of working jobs that anyone would agree are amazing opportunities, the feeling of it being “not quite right” came creeping back in.

In the last few years, Ella has gone back to the drawing board to dig deeper to really understand her purpose. With the help of trial and error, introspection, and coaching, she has learned to lean more into her intuition in order to make space for the answers she needs to find that purpose. Time after time, her intuition has guided her in the right direction, and now Ella has more clarity than ever before on who she is and how she can help make an impact in this world. She now coaches others along their journey to self-discovery and is planning to go back to school to become a counselor.

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