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A lot of you are people pleasers, and you know it. You cycle through the greatest hits every day! 🤘

🎶 Avoiding conflict

🎤 Saying yes to everything, when you want to say no

🎸 Not setting boundaries

🥁 Refusing to speak up

They’re classics for a reason! But there’s so much more to people pleasing than the popular stuff — there are deep cuts, too. Stuff you probably haven’t heard about, because it’s kind of underground, man. 🙃

In this BONUS Side Chat, we got into 5 surprising (or maybe uncomfortable, depending on how it makes you feel!) things you might not know about people pleasing. 

Listen in as we talk about why…

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  1. I AM one of those keen listeners who knew a bonus book club was meant to come up 😀 Perhaps your patreons can get a bonus book club episode when the patreon launches again…? 😉

    I particularly resonated with the narcissism perspective on people pleasing and was something I hadn’t thought of before! It also reminds me of a podcast I listened to recently about manifestation and Law of Attraction theory. This episode was very critical of manifestation (particularly when it goes into toxic territory such as ‘thinking negative thoughts makes bad things happen to you) and linked it to narcissism. How narcissistic it is that humans think the Universe is actually thinking about them? What if the Universe is completely agnostic to your existence?

    I find it can actually be empowering to realise most people and the things like the universe are completely neutral to you and aren’t thinking about you nearly as much as you think!

    1. If we read a book in the Patreon group, I’m going to insist it be fiction, since I’m so not interested in non-fiction these days. 😝 I’ve heard that take on manifesting before! It’s an interesting one. I tend to believe that like energy is always going to attract like energy, BUT I also don’t believe that every single little thing we say/do/think is going to have some kind of negative impact on us if we’re not careful. The Universe knows how to work with the path of least resistance; which means we’re allowed to have resistance! We can relax and trust that we don’t have to be perfect to get the things we want, which is nice!

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