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Like many of us, Jamie Hillman spent years following the typical life roadmap that was supposed to lead to happiness. 

Go to school? Check.

Get a job? Check.

Generally figure out how to be a functioning adult? Check. 

But somewhere along the way, she started to question… Where is this roadmap even taking me. Who created it in the first place? And (most importantly), if I’m doing everything “right,” why do I still feel lost?

All that questioning led to an overconsumption of books, articles, personality assessments, podcasts — anything she could find that would help her finally get some answers to the big life questions that kept plaguing her. 

Eventually, she realized that no expert could answer these questions for her … she’d have to go inward to find the answers unique to her and the life she wanted to create. 

As Jamie developed her own intuition and self-trust, she wanted to help other women go through the same process. So … she wrote a book about it! (Check it out: 7 Signposts: Find Your Direction in Life’s Foundational Decision) 

Listen in as I ask Jamie about…

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For as long as she can remember, Jamie has felt the unyielding desire to make the world a better place, especially for girls and women. As a Passion Profiles Firestarter, an Enneagram 3w4, and a Questioner type on the Four Tendencies, she has never been one to accept the status quo. She began writing her new book, 7 Signposts, while in her former day jobs of software & management consulting and teaching at the University she graduated from. Now, she is running her Jamie on Purpose brand full time, which provides resources for personal & professional development for young professional women through her blog, podcast, courses, and now her book, 7 Signposts.

The book is a guide for young women on how to navigate 7 of the most important decisions she must make to create a life that’s aligned to her, by exploring the two most often debated “right” choices for each decision, and encouraging her to trust the compass, not the map.


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  1. Hi Kratchel,
    Talking about acting on your nudges, I think I do that quiet often. But do you need to act on every one of them ? How do you decide between which nudges to act upon? Of late I have been having nudges to apply to some opportunities to apply to at work. Its been making me feel that I may be running behind shiny objects or getting too impatient about my current work situation.

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