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Did you know that the median age of a woman being diagnosed with ADHD is 38 years old? Wild, right?! 

Not only are so many girls with ADHD overlooked as kids and teenagers, but the boys who get a diagnosis at a young age are expected to “grow out of it” once they become adults. 

There are countless misinterpretations about this disorder. So it’s no wonder that most adults with ADHD feel confused, overwhelmed, and worst of all, ashamed that doing this whole “adulting” thing is so much harder for them than other people. 

That’s why we’re so grateful that Kristen Carder has made it her mission to help adults with ADHD learn the truth about how their brain works, accept themselves, and get access to the resources and community they need to build a life that works for them.

Listen in as we get into…

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Kristen Carder is an ADHD expert, a top podcast host, and an internationally-recognized life coach for adults with ADHD.

Kristen’s extensive experience supporting people with ADHD began in 2012, and for the last four years she has provided coaching and consulting to thousands of ADHD adults.

She started studying ADHD and its effect on adults long before it was trending on TikTok, and has had the privilege of learning directly from the leading psychiatrists and psychologists in the ADHD industry.

Kristen’s life’s purpose is to help adults with ADHD accept themselves and move from Point A to Point B. She does this through the I Have ADHD Podcast and her group coaching program, FOCUSED.


Instagram: @i.have.adhd.podcast


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  1. I was interested in this episode not because I have ADHD but because of another neurodivergent condition I just got diagnosed with at age 41. I just found out I have autism (or what would have been called Asperger’s but is now just under one umbrella and is described as a high functioning autism). Like ADHD, it goes undetected in females a lot because of their ability to mask it. Adulting with neurodivergence is definitely a challenge, but it’s good to know there’s an explanation for why we behave the way we do. And it’s also good to know that while we may have deficits in certain areas, we also have gifts we may bring to the table.

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