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Are you a wee bit tired? Burned out? Exhausted to your core? Weary to the marrow of your being?


It’s OK if the world feels like a lot. It IS a lot, and has been for a long time (I mean, we’re all still pandemic fatigued, on top of … gestures wildly to everything else). Big, big things — planetary, global, national — have a personal impact on us, even though we, individually, don’t have much control over any of it. And that lack of control is bound to be exhausting.

The only thing we do have some modicum of influence over is our lives. But we’ve noticed a pretty big problem lately. It’s showing up in MANY of our clients, and it’s time to call it out. 

A lot of us are tired because we’re actively avoiding opportunities to make our own lives better. Worse, we’re actually enabling a lot of the suffering we’re experiencing, particularly at work. So, in this month’s Side Chat we got into:

If you’re tired, burned out, overwhelmed, apathetic, panicked, stressed, mojo-less, or stretched to your breaking point, this one is a MUST-LISTEN!

Leave a comment below after you’ve listened to share what you’re going to change to make your work life healthier.


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  1. Mic drop! This episode was so needed. As a recovering people pleaser and codependent I hear you. My journey started with work, then friends, now it’s down to family, and my husband and it has been a burning of multiple bridges waiting for others to rebuild back to me if I allow it or if they will rise to the occasion. It’s easier and easier but still a challenge. This is also what my book is about. I hear your challenge and I am rising to the damn calling. Thank you for this episode. It reminded me why my story is so important. 🔥🔥

    1. Amen, Terece!! Burning unhealthy bridges, and seeing who wants to rebuild healthy ones is a real journey–one I’m glad you had the courage to take (and write about)!

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