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I knew Jes was a soul sister the moment she told me that, as a kid in gym class, she was the one who couldn’t pass the presidential fitness test.

You know that rope attached to the ceiling? The one other kids shimmy up and down easily? Yeah, she was the sad kid hanging at the bottom. (As a tween who couldn’t even pass the sit-and-reach, this resonated at the core of my being.)

So, how does that kid — the one whose childhood diet consisted of white bread, butter, cheese, and Pepsi; who never saw an avocado until she was in college and pronounced “quinoa” wrong for years — become a personal trainer, health coach, and habit change specialist?

I dug into that, and lots more, with Jes Binder in this month’s interview with a normal person. We talked about:

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As a Habit Change Specialist, Jessica helps people who struggle with maintaining healthy habits transform their lifestyle from the inside out, so that exercise, mindfulness and nutritious eating become sustainable elements in their everyday lives. She coaches with her experience and education in psychology, behavior modification, health coaching, personal training and nutrition. She believes everyone can create their own successful wellness journey and accomplish their goals.

Find Jes on her website, and follow her on Facebook and Instagram.


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