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A couple months ago, we told you the best way to successfully make it out of your comfort zone is with a slow-and-steady approach.

Annnd because we love to contradict ourselves (but not really, because didn’t someone say once that the best way to understand life is through paradox? 🙃), now we’re going to tell you the exact opposite … and somehow, both are still true!

In this month’s Side Chat, we’re making a case for why sometimes the best way to get unstuck is by giving yourself permission to do something big and crazy. 

Listen in as we get into…

Leave a comment below after you’ve listened to share your “crazy” ideas — we’d love to hear them!


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  1. Love this episode! I’m always down for dreaming up crazy life choices. Here’s my favorite one-

    Learn to renovate houses and become a house flipper for old Victorian mansions, live in one myself, and also make friends with all the ghosts I meet and have them tell me their stories which I then turn into very deep and provoking screenplays and paintings.

    1. This is fantastic! 😂 I want to watch the Netflix special they make about your life after you do this! Haha. Love it!

    2. Making friends with ghosts in Victorian mansions? Can I come? I’ll film and produce the Netflix show 😉

  2. What I WANT to do is pack whatever fits in my car, have some friends pack/store my bed (I can live without the rest of my stuff) and drive to Nevada. I have some friends I met online there and….just figure it out from there. But I’ve experienced financial fallout from doing things like that in the past, so…

    What I will probably actually do: sign a lease for another year, since the new rent amount isn’t as much as I anticipated. (Cut costs where I can, save money, and break the lease later if necessary.) Book a hotel room/AirBnb out of town for my birthday weekend so I can watch a conference virtually that I’m die hard excited about. Take tons of notes and see where it leads. Most importantly, don’t let myself get too comfortable and stagnate again!

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