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It’s the fifth Friday of the month, which means this should be a “bonus book club” episode––it isn’t, but it’s also not NOT a book club episode, either. 🙃😂

During our last book club conversation about Attached with Amanda Johnson – our friend, fellow coach, and all-around expert on attachment theory – we said that we wanted to have Amanda back on the podcast to have an episode devoted completely to the nervous system.

So, that’s what we did!

Amanda is back on the podcast this month to help us explore all facets of the nervous system, using one book in particular to guide the way.

Listen in as we get into…

We’re convinced that, at this point, there is NOTHING more important than understanding your nervous system. There’s something all of us can learn in this episode!

And stay tuned until the end of the episode for a VERY generous offer from Amanda. 👀

Leave a comment below after you’ve listened to let us know what resonated most from this conversation.


Amanda Johnson is the owner of Heartspark – a heart-centered life coaching and intuitive energy work practice based outside of Boston. Amanda’s passion lies in the idea that each of our hearts is guiding the way to our most expansive lives – but that to live from the heart, we need to first get in touch with who we really are, not who we’ve been told to be. That requires a deep dive into how our emotions and energy are currently showing up, and identifying what shifts can be made to uncover the magic that exists within each of us. It also requires an understanding of how our bodies and minds work, so that we can bring ourselves into balance. 

Through Heartspark, Amanda combines her experience, education and interests (she loves an adhd tangent!) to offer a variety of session types – everything from energy-focused coaching to intuitive visioning to workshops on the nervous system. Amanda has an undergraduate degree in journalism, an MBA from Boston College, and is a Reiki Master and iPEC Certified Life Coach. She believes that all of the answers you are looking for are within you, and that having the support to listen to yourself to find your truth is the way to freedom, evolution and fully enjoying your life experience! Heartspark is dedicated to creating a safe space for anyone with a curiosity about themselves to deeply connect with their soul purpose and unique gifts, and take steps to reach alignment.

You can find her at and on IG @heartsparksoul

And get $100 off of Amanda’s Nervous System Mapping Workshop with code CLARITYONFIRE throughout the entire month of June!


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