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I’ve loved every minute of every interview with a normal person I’ve ever had the pleasure to do – there’s something so gratifying about getting to share the trials and tribulations that everyday people have overcome, as well as the revelations and breakthroughs they’ve had (that can hopefully help inspire other people on a similar journey).

But every once in a while a normal person interview comes along that I’m practically itching for you to hear … and that’s this one, with my client Kayla!

Kayla and I had a conversation that you’re going to deeply relate to AND I predict will give you hope. 

Listen in as Kayla and I talk about …

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Kayla is a Thriver through and through (five Passion Profile Quizzes taken over the last 7 years have confirmed this). She’s also an INFJ, Highly Sensitive Person, Enneagram Type 2, and a Pisces – she’s got a lot going on. Professionally, she works in Human Resources, helping people make informed decisions about important aspects of their lives. She spends her very precious free time either with her husband and their little circus of animals, or out hiking in the Mt. Hood Wilderness and Columbia River Gorge.


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  1. Thank you, Kayla! This brings so much hope! As a fellow “if I just work harder” and “I reached the goal of landing the perfect job, why isn’t it working anymore” everything you shared really resonated with me. I am currently in that dark corridor wondering if the Universe forgot about me after sending me on this path…. And I needed to be reminded that everything is temporary. Thank you for sharing your incredible journey.

    the Universe has forgotten me” it helps

    1. Hey Maritsa! I’m so glad you feel a little hope after listening! It can be so hard to remember that everything in life has a season, but it really is true. I’m sending you all the good energy that you’re about to enter a better season! ♥️

  2. Great episode – loved y’all touching on being a thriver and wanting stability but also knowing that no one job is going to be perfect forever. It might be a dream job for a while and then things may change and that’s okay. I felt so seen lol. Glad things are working out for you Kayla!

    1. Yes! I’ve found that being a Thriver also means accepting that life isn’t always going to be stable and that sometimes we actually have to push ourselves out of stability for something better in the long term! Im happy you felt seen listening to this episode!! ☺️

  3. As a fellow Thriver just embarking on my coaching journey with Rachel, this episode was super inspirational! I can definitely identify with feeling left behind career-wise, so it was really satisfying and hopeful to hear a happy ending-for-now. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your story, Kayla!

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