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Introvert vs. extrovert. Type A vs. type B. Hard skills vs. soft skills.

Labels can be helpful shortcuts for understanding ourselves better and giving other people a quick snapshot of how we operate.

But more often than not, the debate around “are you THIS type of person or THAT type of person?” is wayyy too limiting.

No one is 100% introverted (even Rachel, one of the most introvertiest introverts can only boast 80% on the spectrum). No one is JUST “type A” (whatever that means). And no one has ONLY soft skills.

But we think of ourselves like that, don’t we? We assume because we’re a “soft skills person” that what we have is less valuable, and that people will treat us, hire us, and pay us accordingly.

There is a WHOLE lot wrong with the “hard skills vs. soft skills” debate, and in this month’s brand-new side chat, we’re setting the record straight. We got into:

After you’ve listened, leave a comment below to share what some of your hard/soft skills are, and your take on this debate!


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