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In the 17-or-so years that I’ve been working, I’ve quit a LOT of jobs. I could probably do an Ariana Grande-style 7 rings musical rendition of all the jobs I’ve quit … but I’ll spare you. 

(Though if you did want a list, you could just go back and listen to us recount all the (embarrassing) things we’ve quit on the podcast.)

From the Old Navy store at the outlet mall, to nannying, to investment firms, to law firms — I’ve quit ‘em all. 

The longest I ever had any job was about a year-and-a-half — hardly long enough to achieve anything, but certainly long enough to know I hated it!  

So, how did someone practically allergic to employment end up doing a job (I’m talking about coaching, obviously) for 10 years without quitting?

That’s what Kristen and I are diving into in a brand-new, super in-depth Side Chat! Listen in as we talk about:


How awful would it be to keep quitting jobs, over and over, thinking you just haven’t found the right one yet … when really, the solution is to work on yourself?

We’re proof that when you address you first — your desires, your triggers, your boundaries, your default settings, your talents, your bad habits, your emotional ups and downs, your identity — then a job (or a relationship, or anything) you truly enjoy (and one that has staying power) is the natural byproduct.

That’s what we do for other people in coaching. And if you like the sound of that, then allow me to inform you that TODAY, May 20th, is the last day we’re accepting applications for new coaching clients!

Ready to talk about it? Fill out the form on this page to apply, and one of us will schedule an info session with you!


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  1. Good episode 🙂 One thing that stood out was something I know I’ve talked about before in my comments, but it’s an interesting topic for me. It was about people thinking their career is one thing they can control when they don’t have control over other areas of their life. That’s very similar to the mindset of people with eating disorders. They think they don’t have control over certain things in their life, so they try to control their body. (This is my experience. The certain thing I felt I had no control over was my career. There were times I thought I knew what I wanted but I could never get hired anywhere for it and I always ended up doing the last resort types of jobs I knew I could get because I had to do SOMETHING). Anyway, the thing I tried to control (my body) ended up controlling me (as they say). And it’s an interesting line that determines what is control and what is simply conscientiousness / awareness / being proactive about something. You have to ask yourself, ‘Is the thing I’m trying to control really the problem? Or am I hyper focusing on it because it’s the easy thing to focus on but I really have baggage from somewhere else?’ I think it’s true what you said about people often having baggage because they’re human. But it’s just a really interesting blend when you combine that with the possibility of ‘maybe it’s ALSO my job’ or ‘maybe I DO need to pay attention to my body but not as much.’ It’s so hard and complicated to tread that line!

    I also like the point about codependence and not relying on your job (or relationship or health) to meet all your emotional needs. When it gets to the point where you feel like you’ll never be happy without one certain thing, then I guess it’s a sign that you have work to do on yourself. I am still in that boat to an extent. I am happy in intermittent spurts, but still feel like I’m trying to climb out of a less-than-ideal situation when it comes to certain things. One thing I know makes me happy in the middle of it all is personal growth and development stuff like Clarity on Fire – because it’s nice knowing when other people get you 🙂

    1. Yes, Marianne! The parallel with eating disorders makes perfect sense. It’s very human to try to find control where we can, when we feel so out of control elsewhere. 🙂

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