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You’re in for a treat today!

Instead of us whipping out one of our oracle decks like we’ve been doing every other Tuesday for a while now, we decided to bring in some bigger guns, so to speak, to deliver a message from the Universe to you today. 🙂

Our friend Francisca Hernandez, who you might remember from her normal person interview, as well as her expert interview about learning to meditate, is back (and has officially claimed the title of “most frequent Clarity on Fire podcast guest”) with tarot cards in hand to give us all some much-needed guidance.

Francisca delivered two messages, and one of them is meant specifically for you!

Here are the card spreads Francisca pulled for you…

Left Side:

Right Side:

And we’d love to hear from you after this episode! Leave a comment below to let us know which message you got and how it resonated with you.


Francisca Hernandez is a creative, intuitive, and fluid soul with a passion for sharing well-being tools. She is a certified meditation guide, yoga instructor, Reiki practitioner, aromatherapist, and Tarot card reader. She loves to support her community and volunteers in her spare time to guide meditation for the teachers and students in her neighborhood’s middle school.

Check out everything Francisca has to offer, including breathwork, meditation, Reiki, aromatherapy, Tarot and more, and join her newsletter at

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