Side Chat: What if you never get what you want?

get what you want

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If you’re at all familiar with the laws of the universe, you understand that being overly attached to an outcome is big no-no: When you cling to something, you tend to push it further away.

But does that mean we should all become Zen monks who have literally no attachments to anything?? No desires or preferences whatsoever?

And what happens when you’ve tried, but you just can’t let go of how much you want something? Does that mean you’ve doomed yourself to never have it?

We’re getting into the fear of never getting what you want in this month’s new side chat! We talked about … 

  • How Rachel really struggled with this in 2019.
  • Where to draw the line between wanting something to a healthy degree vs. being overly attached to it.
  • Why thinking you need to be 100% unattached to your desires actually makes it harder to get the things you want.
  • What to do when things aren’t happening in the timeframe you wanted.

After you listen come leave a comment to share what you’re struggling to detach from, and how this episode resonated with you!


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