Predicting the future (the right way) with Madeleine Joan


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It’s our last podcast episode of the year! So, we figured what better time than now to bring on an expert who can help us predict the future, right??

We sat down with our friend Madeleine — astrologist, tarot reader, and intuitive extraordinaire — and asked her all about…

  • Some astrology 101: What’s the difference between the sun, moon, and rising signs? Why do some people gel with their sign and others don’t?
  • Tarot: What is it? Where did it come from? And why is it useful?
  • Why are we all so obsessed with predicting the future? And when can that totally backfire on us?
  • How changeable is the future, exactly? What’s the deal with free will?
  • What’s the difference between a real-deal psychic/intuitive and a faker?
  • What’s in store for us in 2019? What can we expect coming around the bend?
  • Plus, she whips out our charts on the episode and gives us a quick compatibility reading!

This is a great episode for any of you who’ve always been intrigued by this stuff but, like us, don’t know how to actually use it. After you’ve listened, leave us a comment below and let us know what spoke to you!


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  • maria

    I love love love this!!!! lifelong fan of astrology, tarot and all things woo woo- im so happy that you did this podcast! I know my natal chart like the back of my hand but this lady sounds soooo great and down to earth and thats sometimes hard to find in this industry. Plus I did learn something new- I didnt know about North nodes! I have my north node in cancer which totally aligns with my palmistry reading. its incredible how accurate these things are. thank you to you both for your wonderful posts and podcasts- you both have such great energy and I always enjoy listening to you. I’m doing an online course with another online provider and I just (sorry to say- won’t name her) dont feel the same warmth and good vibes from her that I do from you guys. So keep up the good work and rock on 2019!

    • Rachel East

      Hey Maria! I’m so glad that you loved this episode, and that you even learned something new! North Nodes are super interesting. And thank you so much for listening, commenting, and encouraging us! It makes it all worthwhile. 🙂 Happy New Year!

  • Jacqui

    I’m just catching up on your podcasts and I might even (probably will!) have to listen to this one again! I loved it so much! Madeleine’s energy is contagious as is both of yours… thank you for the reminder!!! I have always loved “woo-woo”… or heebie-jeebie stuff as we used to call it!!! I’m a Libra & my rising sign is Leo (descendant is Aquarius)… 🙂

    • Rachel East

      I agree! Madeleine’s energy is just infectious. I’m a Leo sun and a Libra moon, so maybe that’s why we understand each other?? 😉

  • Jacqui

    That is SO cool! 🙂

  • Jacqui

    The weird thing is… forever I thought my rising sign was Leo (as I previously commented) but TODAY… after numerous searches to confirm this… it turns out that I’m rising sign Sagittarius! All this time!!! It turns out that my original calculation (25 years ago!) probably didn’t take into account our “daylight savings” time change!!! Crazy! I never thought to double check it before today! Thank you google, I think! Climbing back out of the rabbit hole now… Have a great day!

    • Rachel East

      Whoa, that’s very interesting!! I’ll be very interested to know how that changes your perspective on things!

  • Jacqui

    It’s super strange! I really liked being a Leo rising sign because my dad was a Leo, but honestly, only a couple of the traits really felt accurate to me. I’m not charismatic, artistic or overly confident. I think the Sagittarius rising sign… after my most recent enlightened research, feels way more authenyic to me. It’s still good, I know that I inherited many other attributes from my dad. Plus, I’m actually super excited & intrigued to learn more now! A big Thank you to you both & Madeleine for reminding me about how much I love this stuff!

    I also listened to my general January Libra Tarot reading and it was so on point! Confirmation that it’s time to “get to work”.

    • Rachel East

      You’re right — You inherited so many things from your dad, I’m sure! And it’s nice to know that this aspect of yourself makes a lot more sense now. I’m so glad that this reignited your interested in this stuff! 🙂 I listened to my monthly Leo Tarot reading from Madeleine as well, and it was super interested and (hopefully, because she said some cool stuff) on point.