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First things first: Happy birthday to Kristen!! We know how I feel about birthdays, but Kristen is the Tiny Tim to my Ebenezer Scrooge, so feel free to celebrate her and congratulate her on getting older as much as you want today!

And if you want a deal that even Scrooge couldn’t find fault with, then by all means, scroll down.

Now, allow us to move on to the last podcast episode of this year! And what a year it’s been, hmm? How ever will we process it? Or prepare for 2022? I mean, aren’t most of us still trying to process 2020?! 

So, listen in as we share two questions to help you process what you learned this year, and set you up for more growth in the year ahead. We talked about:

This one will give you a lot of food for thought (maybe even a whole Christmas goose’s worth??). At the very least, the ghosts of your years’ past shouldn’t haunt you too much anymore after this one. And as for the years yet to come? Well, revel in the spirit of the season and delight in the fact that…


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  1. Oh you guys great episode.
    For Kristen, I was the inverse of your situation where I had all these thriver jobs and not enough firestarter energy and balanced that energy out.
    And with Rachel accepting myself as I am and that I do not need to fix the things that make me unique like my passion, drive, and fire. Accepting the darkness because without it I wouldn’t emote the light that I am able to observe through the hardest parts of life. It’s like saying don’t observe anymore… I just can’t do that because then I would give up the good that comes from the darkness.
    Something I feel I have definitely integrated is trusting myself in all aspects of my life. Being authentically myself and trying things and believing I will be able to figure it out or know when something is no longer for me.
    I now do trust myself and keep doing the reps to solidify that trust over and over.

    Something I could keep doing reps on is again the inverse of what Rachel is saying. I had this nothing worth doing is easy and pain is gain. I have learned that not everything needs to be hard or painful and that ease and pleasure is acceptable and you can get what you want through allowing flow and ease. It’s that hold on loosely that I am learning to lean into which also ties back into trusting myself and that when I take a break that allows me to go big AND then go home.

    1. Terece – I can 100% attest that you’ve made giant strides in trusting yourself and your intuition! And also in balancing your Firestarter & Thriver sides, so both feel supported. And I agree that believing good things can happen just as easily through ease and pleasure (and not just through pain and hard work) is an extension of the self-trust you’ve already been developing. Glad you liked this episode! 🙂

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