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Yep, you read that subject line right! I (Kristen) got a job. 

I know some of you are like, “Umm … excuse me, what??

First of all, rest assured this does NOT mean I’m stepping away from Clarity on Fire or anything of the sort. On the contrary, getting a job will (counterintuitively) free up my best mental and emotional energy to pour back into my client work. 

The thing is, when you’re a coach who spends all your time helping people find alignment in their life and career, you can’t exactly ignore when you’re feeling out of alignment yourself … at least, not for very long before you feel compelled to do something about it. 

I’m telling the whole story in this week’s interview with a normal person, where I get to be the normal person! 😉

Listen in as Rachel interviews me about…

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  1. It’s so scary to me how similar we are. I suggested to people ten years ago that I want to work remotely and got mocked….now everyone wants to do it! I feel like my firestarter energy and thriver energy are both increasing. For the longest time, I thought I was a side hustler too, but now I know I need to stick with something I can do remotely at least part of the time. I decided on one thing to pursue and I’m much happier since I started working on it—but I’m getting more impatient to leave my job lol. At least my job appeals to my thriver for the most part. I just want total autonomy 😁

    1. Sounds like you totally get the struggle of the FireThriver! 😂 I’m really glad working remotely is so much more of a “thing” now (for your sake AND for mine!). Would love to hear more about the main thing you’re pursuing now! 🙂

  2. Interesting! I’ve always thought of myself as a Thriver but after listening to this episode it’s clear that I do have some Tribe Member energy. I know if I did win the lottery I wouldn’t stop work completely, the idea of not working at all feels so boring haha. I’d probably reduce hours, like maybe I’d be really content to work 3 or 4 days a week – so I’d have a few weekdays to have some more balance with doing some fun projects or just to get all my adult life admin done 😀 I’d probably also enjoy taking a lot more holidays because I would be comfortable taking time without pay, but the idea of living full time in holiday mode sounds WAY too extreme for me haha.

    I also work for a charity that has a purpose and cause I really believe in and it does give me an energetic boost feeling I’m using my skills towards an organisation that has a really great mission.

    So definitely another Passion Profile combo here!

    1. I agree, you sound like a combo of a Tribe Member and a Thriver! While the Thriver side of me LOVES the idea of living in holiday-mode all the time, I know my Firestarter side would eventually get bored. 😂 I’m glad you found a great organization that speaks to your Tribe Member side. As long as the Thriver side of you is getting some attention too, it sounds like you’ve got a good setup for now! 🙂

  3. Hi Kristen & Rachel, firstly, congratulations to you both for getting a job and quitting a job 😀 This podcast has many insights that my brother has to hear and I’m definitely sharing this with him (more like make it mandatory for him to listen to this episode). You mentioned about tapping into that feminine energy and just letting things come naturally. However, when one is already sick and tired of his/her job, then s/he can’t just let it be. And I guess the natural thing to do is to find (or maybe attract) what is a more natural fit. Easier said than done though. It seems balance is indeed the key, whether it’s finding the right mix of passion profile for oneself, or applying the right amount of feminine and masculine energy. Anyway, thank you ladies for sharing your wisdom and best of luck to all of us in discovering our “dynamic balance”.

    1. Haha I love that you’re making this episode mandatory for your brother! What else are sisters for other than bossing their brothers around, for their own good! (Both my brother and Rachel’s brother get the same from us too. 😜)

      When I was searching for jobs, I was feeling same that internal conflict of really WANTING to take the feminine energy approach, but uncertain if I just “wasn’t trying hard enough.” I landed on a balance between action and attraction that worked for me, which you heard me describe in the episode. I’m not saying that the perfect approach for you, but I do think it might be valuable for you to consider YOUR ideal balance of masculine & feminine energy in your job search.

      Good luck with attracting your ideal next job, and it might help to listen to our recent episode about how to actually DO feminine energy.

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