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A few weeks ago, one of Rachel’s clients shared a very interesting conundrum:

She was wading through the world of dating apps, which is a masterclass in practicing discernment and listening to your intuition, as many of you know!

She said, “I’ve gotten pretty good at identifying red flags right off the bat. And I’m also seeing some green flags — signs someone is respectful and shares the same values as me. But I’m struggling at identifying yellow flags. What do I do when I run into something that, in the moment, doesn’t feel like a red flag, but in hindsight, maybe it was? Was I ignoring my intuition? Should I have known better?”

This deserves a whole episode, if you ask us! So, in this month’s brand-new Side Chat we’re diving into how to spot the differences between red, green, and yellow flags.

We got into…

Leave a comment below after you’ve listened to share which kind of flags you’ve been struggling with. We’d also love to hear how you tend to default when grappling with the tricky yellow ones!


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  1. Another fantastic episode! I’m notorious for painting yellow flags green—or even angry, monstrous red ones. I signed up for Caroline McGraw’s email list after I heard Rachel talk in a webinar she did. I can’t wait for her book, and I’m excited to hear what new stuff you have in store, too!

  2. Yay! I love when I inspire a Clarity on Fire podcast episode 😉 I also feel like I just got given a gold star in Life Coaching by being praised by you and Kristen for my yellow flag response 😀

      1. All good! Being in Australia I do have a time advantage – the episodes are uploaded onto your Youtube about half a day before they appear on your website, I figured it’s because when you’re uploading it goes there first but it’s the middle of the night for you but the next day for me – so I am LITERALLY ahead of you 😉 It’s particularly fun when I see a new episode in my Youtube feed!

  3. Recently discovered you wonderful ladies and have been binging (binge-ing, not Chandler-ing) your podcasts. A couple years late to the comments, but what the heck- here it goes.

    Got to thinking about how I deal with my yellow flags and **celestial chorus sings, “Aaaahhhhhhhhhhh!”** I had an epiphany.

    When I get a yellow flag, most of the time it is because my intuition and logical brain are in conflict. When my intuition is a yes but my logical brain is confused, the yellow usually turns to a green (I chat up an unshaven and ill-dressed man in line at the store and later find out he is my boss’ brother.)

    When my intuition is a no but logic brain is on board, that usually turns to red flag (Blockbuster stock is a sound investment.)

    That’s all I have for the moment. Keep an eye out for more brain dumps from Jane.

    Btw- y’all are great.

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