Side Chat: What happens when your intuition is wrong?


Lately, we’ve had multiple clients approach us with the same exact question (which is how we know it’s time to talk about it on the podcast!). It goes a little something like this:

“So, my intuition was convinced that this thing (job/relationship/what-have-you) was right for me. I felt a strong sense of knowing. But then … that thing didn’t work out. What gives?? Was my intuition wrong? How do I know I can trust it if I feel strongly about something, then act on that guidance, only to be disappointed?”

The idea of trusting your intuition? Easy. The reality? Messy. So, in this month’s brand-new Side Chat, we’re delving into what happens when your intuition leads you astray. We talked about…

  • The difference between your intuition being “wrong” and your interpretation of it being incorrect.
  • How we get tripped up by focusing too much on the end result, instead of paying attention to what’s happening right now.
  • Why it’s possible for your intuition to be right about something in the past, and for that thing to not work out later on.
  • Stories from us and a few of our clients and friends about when our intuition seemed wrong … but why it was ultimately right.

Leave a comment after you’ve listened to share a time when you thought your intuition was wrong! We’d love to hear.


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