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Back in May of last year we did an episode that quickly became a classic: 6 ways to love (and keep) your job for years and years.

It hasn’t even been a year yet, but we’ve been mentally adding to that list ever since! 

So, in this month’s brand-new Side Chat, we’re back with a sequel to that conversation. No need to listen to last year’s episode first, though you’ll definitely want to after hearing this new list!

Listen in as we talk about…

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How awful would it be to keep quitting jobs, over and over, thinking you just haven’t found the right one yet … when really, the solution is to work on yourself?

We’re proof that when you address you first — your desires, your triggers, your boundaries, your default settings, your talents, your bad habits, your emotional ups and downs, your identity — then a job (or a relationship, or anything) you truly enjoy (and one that has staying power) is the natural byproduct.

That’s what we do for other people in coaching. And if you like the sound of that, then allow us to inform you that TODAY, January 20th, we’re officially accepting applications for new coaching clients!

Fill out the application here and one of us will be in touch ASAP to schedule a chat with you.

We’re excited to work with some of you more officially!


Side Chat: 6 ways to live (and keep) your job for years and years (May 2022)

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  1. Oh my, I love, love, love this! I can identify with each of the 6 points. I really like #4 – Embrace Struggle. This one is tough. Sometimes it’s so easy to give up but this was a great reminder that (1) Struggle = Vulnerability (2) Resistance is how you build strength and (3) Avoid the thought that something’s wrong… it’s just part of it and (4) you gotta weather the storms.
    Thank you both for giving me a good boost of Clarity, as you always do.

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