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Last month we did an episode many of you told us you really liked where we dove into our newest thoughts on some big ways to have a career you love.

One of the tough-but-true points we made in that episode was that your ability to have a healthy career (or relationship, or anything) that you love hinges upon your emotional maturity … or lack thereof.

We promised we’d be back with a full-length episode about emotional maturity, and here it is. This one is SO jam-packed with helpful info you can put into practice immediately!

Listen in as we get into…

This episode was inspired by Dr. Nicole LePera, a fantastic psychologist you can follow on Instagram @the.holistic.psychologist. The posts we reference are this one and this one!

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  1. I’ve always known my mom is a phenomenal human, but according to this, it’s quite possible she’s also a unicorn. I only wish she had been my only influence in this life, so I would be at her level lol. This made me appreciate her that much more. It’s interesting to see the areas in which I may have disconnected from the modeling. Things to work on. Always a work in progress.

    1. It’s so cool to have a mom who’s a unicorn on this front! Good for her! And yeah, wouldn’t it be nice to be totally insulated and have no one else influencing us … lol. But at least you have a solid model to return to. 🙌

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