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Yep, you read that subject line right — starting today, we’re taking a hiatus from the podcast! 😲

We’ve been podcasting for 4.5 years now, if you can believe it, with verrrry few short breaks (mostly time off around the holidays). 

The urge to take a longer break has been creeping up on us slowly-but-surely for a while, and as people who walk our talk, we can’t very well encourage others to take breaks and sabbaticals and listen to their intuition and then not do the same for ourselves!

So, in the final new podcast episode of this year, we’re getting into our decision to take a hiatus. We’re talking about…

If you’re a longtime fan of the podcast, we SO appreciate your dedication and hope you won’t miss us too much during this time off.

And if you’re newer to Clarity on Fire, congrats, because you just got the perfect opportunity to catch up on about 370 episodes! 😉

We’ll still be posting on Instagram while we’re away, so follow us there if you haven’t yet! 


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  1. Godspeed, you MORE than deserve as long a break as you feel necessary. I can’t imagine continuously producing content for almost five straight years. Take care of yourselves 🙏💗

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